Soo.. yep. Texting from Zanzibar.

Soo.. yep. Texting from Zanzibar, Jambiani, Kibijija, Marashi house (god that sounded like the personal address of Harry Potter, you know with the “the closet under the stairs” honestly I’m wondering how they did know the exact stairs.) But back to where were we. Marashi house. The home of.. us. Well that did not sound really cool, but at least is Africa! We had come back two days ago, and already have guests (for the guesthouse if someone don’t know yet) they are really cool guys. A Girl and a Boy. I like them, they are easy to communicate with and funny so.. point for them. Actually I think we have guests almost every day from this month. Which is good for me,

I might find very important things to do in the house and maybe, just maybe I can skip the part with going out too much. Which is not likely, because the parents think we have to be social. But still, dreams are free. And talking about my desire to say in the house.. something terrible happened. See, I love to do three things mostly (Well much more usually, but today are just these three) one - drawing, second - reading, last - using the internet (like every teen). The problem comes here, exactly when I realize that we have no paper for drawing, no internet, because dad updated the whole system and it finished, and I can’t read because I’m trying to read in English, but I can do that only with translator, wish requires.... internet!! Feel me? Now they went out to the shop and I got stuck in the house able to do non of the three things. I guess I have to find myself new hobbies that have nothing to do with technology.. or paper. And still here is pretty good, i mean Zanzibar. I expected to be “blahhh” but surprisingly it’s just “meh”. Now I’ll go to convince my sis to play chess (jeez being bored will makes a really good person of me), because that would have made good hobby (if only I did not loose every game, okay.. almost every single time) Bye for now, and know that by the time you read this I have lost at least two games, but the net is going to be back. (One more thing. No matter that I always loose, I every singe time I get the black figures. Which is amazing because we always hide and choose without seeing them. So I have little luck 😉 -twenty minutes later - I’m finishing this not the way I wanted. I’m texting this to let the world know how bad luck I have. My sis just waked out to get her hair done. That left me with no partner for chess. That left me alone. So no reading, no internet, no drawing and no chess partner. It’s disaster.

Stay cool,

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