For Jack with love

This morning we peeled and ate our first Jack fruit

for the season and it was amazing. This time we did not destroy the kitchen at all. I guess the third time things will get almost perfect.

The peeling takes some skills and practice. The core is hard and the seeds are packed separately inside. You have to peel the seed and to remove the flakes from the fruit meat. They are sooo sticky, I am sure they have be used for a permanent glue. Than you eat the fruit meat and can cook the seeds. They look very much like the beans in Europe. This part of the fruit, we are still exploring.

Perhaps you do not know it, but the Jack fruit it is rumored to be a quite smelly fruit, but that is not true when it is just ripe enough to eat. It is also called a baking tree or a rice tree and has been used for cooking for over 6000 years in India and in most tropical areas. One tree can give from 100 to 200 fruits in just one year and sometimes one fruit can reach up to 35 kilograms. And as the saying goes this fruit can save

the poor parts of the world from hunger.

With love,

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