Looking for a boat on the wrong road

At some point the realization hit us. You know the one with "maybe this is the wrong way". Usually when that time comes you are so deep in it that getting back sounds more crazy then continuing. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was my thought little after we took the road that looked like it has survived the end of humanity and even more. It is too generous to be called a road, but a small forest path is not a right description, at least not after we went through it. So the story started the usual way. With one good idea, a morning with no wind and five people with free time. The decision to go and find boat for... well I am not even sure for what, came little after the second coffee. True to our word, we got up and went in search for boats. At that particular moment, no one expected it to be such an adventure. We went to search a fishermen’s village, but obviously we didn't know where it was. After driving for some time, we decided to turn left from the road. The road/path did not look too big, or comfortable. Maybe that is why we choose it. Little after the beginning all the plants start popping up in the middle of the road. Literally. I am sad that I could not take video, but at that time I was still amazed at where we went and didn't thought of it. The car we were in (I think the owner will get a heart attack) took so much damage as if it had just been driven through the ninth circle of hell. However, I want to note, it acted like a real hero and started to collapse after it all ended. So after we understood that we would not go anywhere with this path, we made a new discovery. The road/path came to an end. Now we had to think of getting back. Our luck played huge part of this moment in the adventure and we somehow stumbled on a little larger part of the road. A “Little”, is the key word. Eventually we got out. The car was miserable. Our fighting spirit had not died, so we continued looking. Now I'll make it easier for you, and for me by skipping the next hour and half. We found the fishermen’s whatever at the end. Small beach, lots of boats, locals with nets. We, and our half-dead car had completed half of the mission. As dad, mom and Iana started negotiations for the boats, me and Kos went to look around.

I honestly don't know what was happening there, but it was little like a horror movie. In some places of the beach, I found skins of spine puffer fish. The scenery was lunar, you know, as if we suddenly landed on the moon. I thought spine puffer fish is poisonous, but I could be wrong. (Sorry, no internet to check the info, when I am writing this, my Dad cut me from the net, evidently I use too much). And yeah in the end we did get a boat but not on that day.

Stay cool,

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