Light and magic

This is our garden lantern. It is not much but in a way, it is special for me. It had a twin, like me, but I accidentally broke it. Not my twin J - the other lantern. I do not know if everything here breaks easily, or I should blame my clumsiness, but back to the lantern – it illuminates the darkness and makes a great job, especially when there is no electricity. Its ability to lite up the road makes him our best employer. When there is no wind, he sacrifice himself to save us from the scaring night butterflies. The garden man take a good care of him cleaning and lighting it up every night. Sometimes the lantern even supports my attempts to make shadow tales with my hands and it is a part of the most intriguing moment of my day. Every single time when I blow out the light from the lantern – it is like the begging of all medieval fairy tales. Suddenly the world becomes more alive … the stars above you, the sound of the waves and the warm wind rustling the palm trees. Though I am not sure, I have ever heard a medieval story with palms and oceans in it. Or maybe the ones about Sinbad. So magic and lanterns – they are totally connected.


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