Driving home for New Year's Eve

I am not even sure how I am supposed to start. I can try with something regular like... "New year is awesome holiday" though it does not sound like the right thing to say. Starting with something like "I saw local driver to get off his car while it was still moving and he ran to catch it" yeah. That sounds perfect. Now let's start: I saw local driver to get off his car while it was still moving and he ran after it to catch it. But the beginning probably is important too. So On New Year's Eve dad and I had to go to do some things for our shop. As we were driving we heard yelling, singing, screaming. Cars full with locals were driving around. It seemed like even the drivers were drunk. Slowly getting to home one of those cars turned out to be in front of us. It looked quite strange since people were hanging out of the car, and as I said, were singing. It looked like normal drunk young group. Then the driver got out of the car and started dancing and clapping and running to the car that was moving on its own. And it started to make a turn. The driver managed to get in and fix the course a little before they crash. After that we saw one other car with stick sticked in front of it like the horn of unicorn. As you might imagine getting home was hard task but very funny. At least for me. I really couldn’t know how dad was feeling like the driver in the situation. You know. The one that is supposed to keep us from crashing.

Stay cool,

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