The African masks

A few days ago we were walking around the city with some of our guests. We walked through the small streets of the Stone town, filled with souvenir shops, looking for something interesting, new and different. I was surprised to hear the claim that the African masks bring misery to the home. And because I had never heard about such thing, I wanted to discover more about this legend. According to the old stories and some people in the village, such thing is possible only if the mask is made by a real masters. Masters of masks can be both male and female, knowledge and skills are passed in one blood family, which makes the master respected because of his relationship and knowledge with other worlds. Back in time masks were used in rituals and ceremonies. Different for the purpose of the ritual, the masks had to represent different things like animals, spirits and other magical creatures. For the mask to carry a bad energy, it must be tied to a bad spirit or an evil specter. For such a thing the masks needed much more dark rallies and ceremonies sometimes even sacrifices. Then the mask becomes much more powerful, precious and not entrusted to anyone else's hands. Especially outsiders. Another belief is that when the mask leaves its master's possessions, it loses its spiritual belongings, which prevents masters from confusing their spiritual energies if masks are exchanged. So I believe that it is not possible to acquire in Zanzibar an African mask, that brings misfortune.


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