French fries a la Zanzibar

Today the gas finished. Suddenly, there was no gas for the hotplates. Most city teenagers probably have not change even once in their life a gas bottle for their hotplates. But here it happens, rarely but still it does. That is why our Manka offered to finish the fried potatoes on the "jokko lakemka" (It is in the picture and that what I heard when I asked Manka, so I am not sure it is correct). That, people, is just a portable fireplace. That is what women cook on our village. If you walk during the right time through the village, you will see at least one in front of every home. Depending on the size of the family, there are sometimes two. Usually an old woman sits beside it and cooks the curry while guarding the little ones from getting near it, or a young girl who learns how to make chapatti under the care of her mother. They do not have a gas or electric cooker but they do not need it either. Even in some meat restaurants, more or less they cook on "Jiko" (the Jiko has three sizes, big, small, and middle) And here in the 21st century people still cook on coals and the quality of our fried potatoes is even better than the ones you can have in many places where there is constant gas and electricity supply.


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