Stone town adventures

Hey guys. Were in the middle of the third month, our fourth time here in Zanzibar. It is around year so to say. My brain is running around searching what to tell you. Probably there are many things, but when I have to write for them, I do not know why but they disappear. So I'm sitting on the porch trying to distract myself and forget that I have to do it.. honestly whole week I was dogging it perfectly, but as it seems this time is over, because I got caught. So. What do you want to know? ...... Okay! I figured it out. I will tell you about my and dads visit to Stone town. He had to do some work and I just like sitting in the front seat. Now I will skip the part that we drive around and didn't do the job, but you know - it's Africa, the possibility of immigration to call you in the town and then to turn out that is for nothing is actually quite big. Dad got stuck in front of... eh, don’t know where exactly, but told me to go to Masalah (the restaurant) and carefully explained me how to get there, but I'm me. The last time I tried to find something as simple as bookstore I got lost, called beauty, walking around like full idiot and the locals were wondering what I do, because I was like "Left, no it was right.. was it? Not it was left!.... right?" And they were just looking me walking to some street then going back and so on. You know, it's ridiculous. Spoiler: I did not find the place. I was not going to find and the restaurant ether, but it's famous and when asking about that they (the locals) managed to tell me where it is. It was like, I walked in one big street and the fact that I AGAIN had no idea where I'm I made me face palm myself. Suddenly from right some girls started laughing, I looked at them and laughed with them asking them where is the place. Well you got the point. I am bad, no terrible with directions, the surprise was that this time I found the place... maybe because was only walk forward and don't stop until you see it. But yeah. I'm getting better. We ate and started walking to home that day, then we stopped and... nah. Ill tell that as the next story and get myself out of the misery of not knowing what to do when you know that you have to do it.

So, where were we? Oh yeah. Me and dad stopped with the car to one barrels, no one could expect what happened next..or it was obvious but for the sake of the story and the writer we will say that it was unexpected. Dad stopped and start barging about them and I was just looking how bad they were. Like dude they were on their way to falling on their parts. I told that to everyone and the man said that he have better ones, of course I was the one that we decided to go and check. Just to point out I never volunteer. So he is showing me some suspicious hole in some wall. Small, obviously not maid there by the owner, though in here nothing is sure. So I walk in raising a brow. Second hole. People around it and even smaller from the first, here my mind started complaining about our decisions, and the possibility of dying in there. The person is smiling and waving me to get in. Since I'm not thinking very much I walk in and there are the barrels, in the end of small room with no rooftop and two walls down.. saying it like that it's not room but there was other houses all around and still had four walls just not the right ones. I go in and start to choose my barrels. Bunch of men are walking after me, I show what I want and then one of them is saying that my dad said that is will pay 45 local money per barrel, which he will not. I know my dad and the price he said was 40 per barrel. I start barging with him and the other people. My eye is catching one of them in front of my exit whole and my paranoid mind started feeling bad. As I'm about to ask the men to move now, he suddenly moves. My dad was on the other side of the whole. He bend and looked in "I'm coming to get you" I was happy but then I didn't want to let go of the barrels I choose. Eventually we went away without them. The local said that the price is 45 and that's it. So we go home. Though I was so proud of myself, because usually I hate getting off the car.

Stay cool,

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