Sea Urchins

Sea urchins shells that can be found on the beach are unique and beautiful. A bit brittle but beautiful for earrings or necklaces and perfect for home decoration. The colors are not bright and sparkling like any of the other seashells but are different and so far, I have encountered green, greyish, pinkish and purple. Unfortunately, there are only small ones on the Zanzibar East coast, but that does not mean that there are small. Because in rare cases, you can find sea urchins bigger than your hand. If you are lucky and watch carefully during a snorkeling adventure, you can see giant sea urchins in their true glamour. In the water, live sea urchins are far from safe. I'm not saying that they will jump out of the stone and pursue you because it's far from them and it's probably hard to swim if you're a spiked ball. Thus, in fact, the living sea urchins look like a ball wrapped in long thorns in all directions. Like the octopuses, they are able to coordinate the growth of their thorns and move. However, if you look at a living sea urchin while under the water in sunlight, you will find it much more beautiful than its dead colorful shell on the beach. When their thorns are stirred by the ocean currents and the sun's rays intertwine in them, the color at the base is bright and shining. The trouble with sea urchins is only when you accidentally prick yourself on the thorns.

The pain is unpleasant and it usually happens when you walk on the breach or in the water and kick or step on the thorns. They easily break and usually a small part of them stays in your foot. The pain of taking or wearing more than one does not exceed that of a thorn or ordinary glass in your foot. If it is not possible to take it out – you can use papaya on the wound like a bandage and it will help to take the thorns out. The practical part of the sea urchins is that except for the decoration it turns out that there are people and places around the world where the sea urchins are used for food. They are even considered a unique delicacy. Unfortunately, Zanzibar is not one of these places and so far, we have not learned to cook, so we just dream of such strange meals.


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