Pole-spear fishing

Today, two speargun anglers passed by our Marashi beach home. I do not think I was able to take a very good shot, but this is only because the fact that despite the beautiful view from the upper terrace, my camera cannot focus so far. If I had noticed them earlier, it would be different but even the sharp spears and the big nets did not get my attention when a book fascinated me. Here speargun anglers are rare or at least you do not see them walking around like this. There are huge cuttlefish and octopuses on the market, and they are impressive, but due to the inability of the locals to swim in our area, meaning Jambiani, Zanzibar, I cannot even imagine that some of them would even dive to catch their prey.

At least I hope I saw speargun anglers and not just a strange local with crazy ideas involving a spear. In my defense, if they are not sea hunters, I cannot explain the buoy on the back of one and the net in the other man’s hand. Thinking about this maybe, I have to look for someone to introduce me to the sport and to try to catch something myself. Like our guests who went fishing today with a local boat and now, we are waiting to see their success.


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